Sample Eulogy to a Mother

My mother gave me a very special gift before she left.

A gift that I don't need to decide how to pass down & divide evenly to my 3 beautiful children (her grandchildren Jessica, Emily and Julia)

A gift that I don't need to worry about keeping on a safe shelf so it doesn't break.

My mother (and father) gave me the gift of faith.

Anyone who knew my mother knew she always prayed.

Over these past few days my brothers and I have discussed this and wondered how many hours during the day she prayed. We've concluded it wasn't how many hours she prayed, but how many minutes during the day she wasn't praying.

I'd tell my mom about someone sick in my family, or a friend of mine or my husband Jerry's friends and when I'd talk to her the next day she'd say, "how's so and so doing - I've been praying for them."

Over these past few weeks I've realized the power of prayer & the power of my mother's prayers.

For I had this special peace before and during this holiday season.

I didn't get "holidayitis" as my brothers well know this term. I wasn't stressed out and I kept saying, "there are 12 days of Christmas."

This peace allowed us to have such a wonderful Christmas day with my mother and I know she enjoyed it greatly & saw the peace in me.

That day was the last time I saw my mother and again, I realize now how her prayers were answered.

For how much better does a departure from this worldly existence get by seeing and talking to your family for the last time on Christmas day, speaking her final words to her grandchildren by saying "I love you" for that is how she always said goodbye to them, and in her final moments…praying with her beloved husband of 57 years.

And look around you now at this church-the celebration of the birth of Christ and everlasting life.

Today when I cry I'm not crying for my mother for she always told us "Don't worry about me when I die, I'll be very happy with the Lord.

I only cry because I know now through her faith and through her prayers she surrounded me with the most loving family, relatives and caring friends.

I'll continue to try to pass along this special gift and know she'll be helping me through herself and through all of you.

Mom, today and tonight it's not "Happy New Year," but, "happy everlasting life."

I love you. Eulogy for Mother